Eyebrow shaping: choose the best method for you!

Do you know how to correctly shape your brows? Plenty of you use tweezers, manually correcting the shape by plucking the brows (hair by hair). On the other hand, there are dozens of other techniques you can try. Let’s check if you know them all.…

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Microblading: the best brow treatment or a hazardous fad?

In the pursuit of beautiful appearance we try various methods. Semi-permanent brows are a thing now. Is long-standing brow makeup a good idea? It turns out to have more downsides than we might expect. Stunning, bushy, bold, arched brows have been women’s coveted goal for…

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How to: eyebrow reconstruction, top methods

Even though eyebrows may not appear to be make an important feature of our good looks, they do matter. They bring out the eyes and give the face charisma. Too bad that just few of you think their brow arches look fleek. Asymmetric, sparse brow…

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How to apply eyebrow makeup? Check out extraordinary brow trends!

Brow makeup as we used to know it focused on outlining both bottom and upper brows and filling them in with a brow pencil or other filler. To complete makeup, we simply brushed through the brow hair and/or defined the contours with a highlighter right…

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Top trending brow styles now. Find the best for you!

Probably you are well aware of the fact that there are a few ways that allow you to apply makeup to your eyebrows. For example, you can create more or less natural-looking brows, more sharp or smooth arches. Keep reading to find out if you…

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Eyebrow shaping methods. Do you know the best one?

Makeup isn’t the only thing that affects the appearance of eyebrows – their shape matters as well. It’s good to know how to do eyebrow shaping – this ability lets us introduce changes that affect the entire face. Let’s go through the best eyebrow shaping…

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