With a pencil, marker or pomade? Best eyebrow makeup products

Do you consider your eyebrows more appealing when accentuated with a brow pencil? Indeed, treated with some makeup cosmetics eyebrows gain more definition and look beautiful. However, do you know what makeup products you should reach for and how to apply them to create the best effects?

It appears that doing eyebrow makeup is a skill that can and should be developed. When you apply it in a slapdash way, or if you have no idea how to do it correctly, you can achieve eyebrows that don’t flatter your face in the slightest. However, don’t worry that you won’t get on with it because together with the right color cosmetics you will succeed! Keep reading to learn the most popular eyebrow makeup products. You will also find out how to match particular cosmetic to the state the brows are currently in, so it gives you the best results.


Eyebrow makeup trends: This is how we did it back then

It wasn’t that long ago when we didn’t consider eyebrows as an integral part of makeup. Indeed, there were some trends to bring the brows out with gels or shape them with tweezers, but that was pretty all. Thin eyebrow-lines accentuated with a brow pencil or just leaving brow arches the way they were naturally was perceived as something totally normal and usual. It’s difficult to point out the exact moment in history when we started recognizing the importance of perfect eyebrows and the tremendous influence they have on the way our face presents itself.

Eyebrow makeup trends: This is how we do it now

Nowadays, we are far from “shrinking” our eyebrows by depriving them of hairs, which – we have to admit that – made us look peculiar back then. These are a few seasons now that the trend for beautiful, thick and full eyebrow arches has been on. When shaped correctly, such eyebrows make you look youthful and fresh, more natural. How to create such brows? How to define them to leave others astonished?


Eyebrow pencil – known by everyone, a very popular tool that can cost you either almost nothing or way too much. However, don’t follow the price but your preferences and the color range a particular brand offers. Also, make sure that the eyebrow pencil you want to buy is soft since its significantly easier to fill in eyebrows when the product isn’t hard. Another advantage of eyebrow pencil is that it makes a perfect tool both for those who begin their journey with eyebrow makeup as well as for those who have already mastered this art. Thanks to eyebrow pencil you will be able not only to accentuate the lower line of brows but also fill in the arches. Some people can’t go without a special spoolie that helps them spread the pencil evenly all over the eyebrows and get rid of excess product.

While discussing the use of eyebrow pencils there is one thing that must be mentioned. Namely, this color cosmetic has to be used really gently. It means that you should steer clear of drawing hard lines but just add the false hairs delicately. Also, when you care for achieving natural-looking effects, always make sure that the eyebrow pencil you use is sharp. This allows you to create the impression of full-looking eyebrows and accentuate the bottom of the brows neatly.

To sum up, if you have a choice, reach for eyebrow pencil, or its more advanced from which is a retractable eyebrow pencil. Such products have a pointy-ended and precision tip that facilitates applying eyebrow makeup. The color range offered by the majority of eyebrow pencil producers is incredibly wide, which is another advantage to consider. Last but not least, being a precision tool, both regular eyebrow pencil or its retractable version require some practice. Still, it’s pretty easy to acquire the skill of applying flawless eyebrow makeup with these two color cosmetics.

Eyebrow marker / eyebrow filler – it gives you even more precision than eyebrow pencil, which is owed to fairly pointy and durable tip. Eyebrow marker strongly resembles a regular marker that you use for drawing, yet it has a special makeup liquid that is safe for skin. Its runny consistency allows you to create intensive and long-wearing lines. Moreover, eyebrow marker makes a perfect tool if you want to add a few individual false hairs to the brow ridges – it’s incredibly precise.

If you want to give an eyebrow marker a try, better prepare yourself for a few unsuccessful attempts and a lot of practice. Still, the effort pays off because eyebrow marker gives you long-wearing and pretty effects. This type of makeup products neither smudge nor transfer. To sum up, eyebrow marker or filler is the perfect makeup product for those who like having they brows well-defined.

Eyebrow pomade – this color cosmetic is chosen by fans of bold eyebrows. Eyebrow pomade is pretty universal, which means that this cosmetic allows you to apply any type of brow makeup you want to wear a particular day. For example, this can be a really thin and subtle line or just one thick line that you would spread across the eyebrows to fill them.

Another advantage to mention is that eyebrow pomade is versatile because you can smudge it, blend it, comb out or subtly accentuate particular eyebrow parts, to name just a few uses. All of this helps you create natural-looking effects. Naturally, this ‘flexibility’ of eyebrow pomade lasts for a short moment because later the cosmetic sets so you have to use a makeup remover to take the pomade off. Anyway, don’t hesitate and reach for eyebrow pomade. The most important things concerning the use of eyebrow pomade are practice and smooth hand movements. Once you have them, you can be sure that this eyebrow makeup product gives you all you need.

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