Castor oil or advanced eyebrow serum? Which one is better?

Are you trying to grow eyebrows back? That’s good! You’ll definitely look better. Not without a reason thick, strong and defined eyebrows have been prevailing for some time now since they make you look youthful and feminine. Indeed, thick eyebrows take years off! Being aware…

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5 tricks for the perfect eyebrows

When it comes to perfect make-up every detail matters… but eyebrows are of greatest importance. Eyebrows create the frame for the face, so when they are beautiful and well-taken care of, they can bring out your true beauty. For the past few seasons, it is…

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Game-changing makeup tricks: how to get fleek eyebrows?

Fleek brows are essential for flawless makeup. Too bad we often struggle to tame them and get the perfect shape. Luckily, some of you know some makeup tricks that make the brows look their best no matter the situation. Check if you know them as…

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Take on private beauty classes! Eyebrow mapping as a way to mark a perfect arch for your brows

Can you handle eyebrow shaping and defining the right brow shape on your own? It appears that many women experience some problems with this. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks and a little bit of… mathematics that can help you get the dream eyebrows.…

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Eyebrow makeup: top products to test for envious brows

Thin, skinny, barely-there eyebrows are gone and will never make a comeback. Bold, perfectly filled-in brows are wanted now. Do you know brow products that are worth your money? Have you come across timeless cosmetic jewels that let you get fleek brows in no time?…

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Semi-permanent makeup during pregnancy – should you go for it?

Semi-permanent makeup has become a thing recently. Every other woman considers having tattooed brows. Others choose a budget remedy and natural effect, that is eyebrow serum. Obviously great popularity of some beauty treatments entails plenty of questions, and one of them is whether you should…

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