Which eyebrow serum to pick?

Which eyebrow serum to pick

Only a good brow serum is able to have a positive effect on brows. “Good” means having a few crucial features. While choosing your brow-nourishing serum, check:

  • composition: natural, plant extract-rich products are better
  • packaging: ideally, both pretty and handy
  • PAO sign: a good brow serum is suitable for use for 6-12 months
  • efficiency: lasts for 4-6 months when used on a regular basis
  • applicator: eyeliner-like or mascara brushes aren’t as effective as spongy lip-gloss applicators
  • application method: a good brow serum needs to be used just once a day
  • price: it should be adequate to the quality, efficiency and results
  • effects: comprehensive serums make a better choice
  • consistency: light, liquid serums are absorbed better

By following these criteria, the choice of the ideal eyebrow serum shouldn’t pose a problem. Before a purchase, check three basic things: applicator, consistency and ingredients. Looking through reviews and opinions also makes sense since it lets us see if a product really gives effects and is worth buying. A ranking – like this one – comes in handy too.

If you still haven’t figured which eyebrow serum is the best, read on!

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