Eyebrows make an essential feature of the face, don’t they? They help us express our emotions and protect the eyesight, and that’s why they’re worth our attention and care for keeping healthy and strong. An eyebrow serum comes in useful. Check the best ones and choose your favorite.

Daily make-up, waterproof tints, harsh make-up removers, stress, environmental pollution, hormonal disorders, lack of brow care: all this causes damage to eyebrows.

Gradually our brow arches appear dull, start thinning and are barely visible. Also the age worsens condition of brows. The older we are, the higher the risk of brow loss and poorer state of brow hair.

The proper supplementation with a brow serum comes in handy. A daily application of this cosmetic lets us rapidly strengthen, darken, thicken and add elasticity to eyebrows.

TOP 7. Eyebrow serums

1 Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

Nanobrow is hands down a top choice. This professional serum stimulates growth and adds fullness. It offers most possibilities and has the most intensive effect and thus is dedicated for damaged brows, eyebrow loss, breakage, sparse and patchy brows. The serum is also suitable for semi-permanent make-up after-care.

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2 Rapidbrow Eyebrow Serum

A purple-color version of Rapidlash Serum is designed for brow care. Still, many users prefer the brand's lash product even for their eyebrows. Rapidbrow does give results on condition that you don't face some serious brow problems. It's a good choice if you're not a demanding shopper.

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3 Revitabrow Eyebrow Serum

Following the Revitalash Serum success, the brand has designed Revitabrow Advanced. It's made for stimulating growth of naturally thin, sparse and weak brows. It's a quite expensive serum that has been created to improve the appearance of natural brows whose owner isn't happy about (for whatever reason).

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4 Long 4 Lashes Eyebrow Serum

Long 4 Lashes is actually the name for two products: eyelash serum and eyebrow serum. The lack of a separate name for the brow enhancer gives rise to some problems; the product is less known or people don’t know such a product even exists. Still, some users like Long 4 Lashes Eyebrow Serum and think it’s a good brow-nourishing product.

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5 Orphica Brow Eyebrow Serum

When eyelash and eyebrow serums became popular, Releash (now Orphica) launched their products e.g. Brow Serum which is dedicated to those having thin, light-colored brows. There are lots of positive reviews online but you can also come across many negative opinions.

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6 Xbrow Eyebrow Serum

Among the most interesting eyebrow serums, which don't seem to lose users' interest, there's Xbrow. This nourishing serum has been designed by doctors and beauticians. It's supposed to accelerate growth and improve the brow look for every person struggling with too sparse, light-colored or uneven brows.

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7 Luxe Beauty Brows Eyebrow Serum

Luxe Beauty Brows looks like a lip-gloss in a characteristic lip gloss tube. The design surely stands out against other brow products. The serum is intended for thin, sparse, overplucked brows. Unfortunately, due to poor quality, it is left far behind.

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