Brief guide to fleek brows! How to keep them healthy & lovely-looking?

Brows are on top. Super-skinny arches surely don’t add to attractiveness. Thick, full, youthful eyebrows are now a thing – they make the entire face look way younger, give it natural freshness and a romantic, feminine look. How to get picture-perfect brows? How to turn your thin arches around and make them regrow thick and gorgeous? Maybe you’re wondering what’s the best brow makeup product? Applying makeup seems like a good idea before you manage to grow them. How to get round to eyebrow filling then?

How to make your brows lovely? The eyebrow-serum way

Eyebrow serum is the best and actually the only way of growing thick, strong, healthy brows fast – your own brows, without invasive permanent makeup and lengthy procedures.

Serum is composed of ideally-suited substances that penetrate the skin working from within or, to be more precise, from the roots of brows where they actively strengthen the brows, stimulate processes in the hair matrix and cause the regrowth of healthier, darker and thicker hairs. They grow even out of the hair follicles that have been inactive for years. This way you are able to grow thick brows and then redefine their shape so that it perfectly matches your face. You can have brow mapping done by a beautician and next time you will know which hairs to pluck.

How to make your brows lovely? The castor-oil way

Castor oil used to be treated like a brow-growth conditioner but now we know that it doesn’t work intensively enough. That is why cosmetologists came up with advanced eyebrow serum. Still, castor oil effectively supports dry, weak brows that go light-colored and barely-there. You can apply it in the AM to protect them from dust, toxins in the air and harmful effect of UV radiation – this will also aid them in growing healthier and prettier.

Note: castor oil must be used sparingly – make sure you keep it away from the eyes. Apply it gently with a Q-tip or clean mascara brush. Wait until the oil is absorbed and then move on to makeup. You can also use the oil in the evening after a brow serum.

How to make your brows lovely? The makeup way

Before your brows grow bold and thick, you can make them look better with a brow gel – it looks like mascara, has a small brush and is available in plenty of shades. Try to keep your makeup as natural-looking as possible.

If your brows are skinny and patchy, you need to fill in sparse areas and camouflage all gaps as well as define the contours. A brow pomade is made for this purpose – it comes in a small jar and has amazing colors. The best brow pomades have a very wide range of shades so every girl will surely find the perfect one. To apply a pomade, use a small, angled brush. Pomade is an ideal tool for brow makeup because you can draw very thin hair-like lines, as well as fill the patches with color and enhance the arches. You also need to know that the start of brows should be lighter whereas the end can be bolder. This form of shading gives a very natural, lovely effect. After application you also need to brush the brows to get rid of sharp edges (on the upper line in particular) and remove excess of the product.

An automatic pencil is another game-changing tool for creating flawless brow makeup. The lead in brow pencil is neither too hard nor too soft so it glides on the skin, lets you define a perfect brow shape and draw hairs. You can pair the pencil with a brow powder to fill in the brows, slightly smudging the product for a natural look.

There are plenty of brow makeup techniques and even more products. Cosmetic companies know that brows make up an important element of makeup so the offer is getting richer day by day. Remember that you are the choice maker so suit it to your makeup skills and pick one that is the most convenient. Choose the product that you like to apply makeup with. Is it a pomade, pencil, gel or tint maybe? Make sure your pick is made of good ingredients, gets high opinions and doesn’t leave the brows dry.

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