How to: eyebrow reconstruction, top methods

Even though eyebrows may not appear to be make an important feature of our good looks, they do matter. They bring out the eyes and give the face charisma. Too bad that just few of you think their brow arches look fleek. Asymmetric, sparse brow hair might be caused by genes, past diseases or wrongly performed/too frequent shaping.

Serious defects won’t be fixed with home remedies and that’s when you should entrust your brows to professionals. They are highly likely to suggest brow tinting. Sadly, this treatment is unable to do much about lost or patchy brows, plus the effect lasts for a couple of days only. All in all you’ll have to fill them in every morning. That’s why brow reconstruction treatments make a way better solution. What effects can you count on and what are the contraindications? What methods should you try and what’s the price?

What does eyebrow reconstruction mean?

This term refers to treatments that are painfree and non-invasive. You just need to find a trusted beauty salon and make an appointment. An esthetician will do the brow mapping to get the most flattering shape for you and then pick an optimal method.

Eyebrow reconstruction: effects

The effect is natural and lasts for up to four weeks. To make it longer-lasting, you should avoid touching the brow area or using oil-based cosmetic products on brows.

Brow reconstruction methods

  • Brow extension is about using adhesive to attach individual hair-like fibers between your own brows. This method is used when your brow arches need more volume or change of shape. The color of fake brows is suited to your natural brow shade.
  • Sculpting draws very thin, brow-imitating lines. An esthetician uses a thin wire-like tool and a tint. The method gives a truly natural effect.

Many people like to combine both methods. Eyebrow reconstruction is a saver if you’ve lost all brow hair e.g. because of an illness. You get totally repaired brow arches that amaze with fullness.


Even though the procedures aren’t invasive, there are cases in which you should abstain from brow extensions or sculpting: contraindications include recent chemical peel or microdermabrasion facial, acne, rash, wounds or inflammation in the brow area.


Obviously it depends on a salon you pick and whether you go for both treatments. If you like the combination of brow extensions and sculpting, you must be aware of paying even three times more.

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