How to force eyebrows to grow back?

Are you searching for a quick way of growing your brows? Luckily, there is one! Even if you’d been overplucking the hairs for years and now they don’t feel like growing back, you can force them to grow or, in other words, stimulate hair follicles to work. Microblading isn’t your last resort.

Your own brows have a chance of growing – new, full and lovely. Learn how to grow thick brows in a record time and how to care for them. Find out what causes damage to your eyebrows; you need to know the enemy before you fight it.

What causes brow damage?

You should know the wrongdoers and avoid them. Learn what damages and weakens the mini-version of your head hair.

1. Solar radiation and weather conditions

Unfortunately this is a serious enemy spoiling your appearance, worsening the condition of skin, hair and brows. It weakens the hair follicles, speeds up aging process, makes the color of brows fade. You can protect them by applying a pro eyebrow serum or at least castor oil.

2. Improper makeup removal, rubbing the skin hard

Similarly to lashes, brows don’t like over-enthusiastic makeup removal either, let alone brows that are in bad shape. Harsh rubbing causes micro-damage and mechanical damage that largely worsen the state of brows. Sometimes brows fall out when you take off makeup. Try to do it gently using a cotton pad soaked in a mild remover.

3. Controversial ingredients

Some brow makeup products contain quite controversial ingredients, abounding in dehydrating alcohols, silicones, parabens or strongly-irritating substances. That is why you must read the INCI or go through reviews looking for makeup that is safe, tested and certified. It’s better to get a pricicer product which conditions the brows rather than one that causes damage, brow loss, breakage, changing the natural color of brows.

4. Stress and poor diet

This is a sure beauty destructor. It causes damage to skin and hair as well as brows, nails and lashes! Try to find a moment of relaxation every day, do a home spa once a week, learn some relaxation breathing techniques and avoid stressful situations. Don’t forget a healthy diet! Use food to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Similarly to hair, brows benefit most from vitamins B and vitamin A, C and E.

Eyebrow serum – a way of regrowing eyebrows

Eyebrow serum has been created for the brows. The ingredients have been composed for the brow hair so that the serum improves the appearance and accelerates the regrowth of eyebrows. The best serums deliver effects after two or three weeks. Castor oil is never going to top eyebrow serum in terms of speed but it makes an excellent back-up for the brows, protecting them from toxins and harmful solar radiation.

Eyebrow serum equals a group of components that aim at strengthening the brows at their roots (bulbs) and stimulating their growth. As a result, even the bulbs that have been inactive for a long time can now give new, strong brows. Eyebrow serum is the only way of regrowing lost brows and making them thicker naturally. Your own brows look gorgeous and full like never before. Eyebrow serum is an innovative cosmetic which gets amazing opinions. You should read some product rankings and reviews – the best serums have saved plenty of brow arches from invasive microblading.

How to condition the brows?

No matter if your brows are skinny and you start regrowing them or you already have full, thick arches, you need to care for them the right way. Try to eat healthily and drink a lot of mineral water, which benefits your whole body and the brows. On a daily basis, protect them with castor oil or other beauty oil so that they are slightly lubricated and saved from loss of moisture. An eyebrow serum lets you keep hair bulbs healthy and ensures growth – use it once a day in the PM – it takes a few minutes and really pays off! Also pay attention to makeup removers and fillers – go for safe ingredients to persistently strengthen the brows.

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