Eyebrow shaping: choose the best method for you!

Do you know how to correctly shape your brows? Plenty of you use tweezers, manually correcting the shape by plucking the brows (hair by hair). On the other hand, there are dozens of other techniques you can try. Let’s check if you know them all.

Even though brow shape trends change every year, shaping methods seem to be the same – you don’t need an esthetician to do the job because you can shape the brows on your own and make them look their best.

What are your brow shaping must-haves? Above all, you need patience and a couple of tips for getting perfect brow shape.

Which brow shape is the most flattering?

One thing you need to remember: there isn’t one-size-fits-all brow shape. Every face needs different “frame” and you shouldn’t forget about that while mapping your fleek brow arches. That’s why using brow stencils or “stealing” your friend’s brow shape doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Step 1: Simple brow mapping

Take a pencil and keep it near the face: gently press it to the edge of the nose so that it goes through the inner corner of your eye – this where your brow starts. When you move the pencil so that it crosses the pupil and then the outer corner of the eye, you can mark out the arch and end of your brow.

Step 2: Fleek brow shape

Once the essential points of the brows are marked, take a brow pencil and outline the brows; the contours should be adjusted to the shape of your face. The rule is simple: the sharper the facial features, the softer and more round the brow arches.

What are brow shaping methods?

All hairs that are outside the marked contours must be removed – that is exactly what brow shaping is all about: getting rid of unwanted brow hairs and keeping their number/length just right. What methods can be used then? What’s the best way of giving them an ideal shape?

  • Plucking brows with tweezers – the most popular method and one you can use at home easily. You simply pluck brow hairs that grow outside the marked brow contour. This method is tedious but it does the trick and is popular among girls.
  • Brow waxing – this treatment is more tricky so you can have it done in a salon by a pro. Instead of ready-made wax strips, liquid wax is used (optionally sugar paste). A beautician applies it with spatula above and under the brows and then swiftly rips it off together with most of the unwanted brows all at once. This brow shaping method is faster yet it requires more skill and experience.
  • Brow threading is likely to be the most difficult eyebrow shaping method. It’s popular especially in Middle Eastern countries. To remove brows using this method, an esthetician takes a thread and crosses it in the middle, grabbing and plucking the hairs – she definitely needs to use the right motions and do it sensitively.
  • Trimming is more popular among men. It’s an effective method for shaping the brows at home. There are various tools you can use: electric trimmers or small combs with tiny blades. No matter the type, trimmer lets you quickly and effortlessly trim unwanted brows. The bad thing is brows aren’t plucked together with the hair bulbs so they grow back fast.
  • Laser brow hair removal – if you want to shape the brows and enjoy fleek, long-lasting arches, you can try laser hair removal. It’s a pricey procedure which must be performed by a qualified esthetician. Brows don’t regrow for years, which is the best thing about this treatment.

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