5 tricks for the perfect eyebrows

When it comes to perfect make-up every detail matters… but eyebrows are of greatest importance. Eyebrows create the frame for the face, so when they are beautiful and well-taken care of, they can bring out your true beauty. For the past few seasons, it is prominent that eyebrows are the center of make-up! If you dream of picture-perfect eyebrows, meet the 5 brilliant tips that will help you in achieving just that!

Shape, color, and outline can be a problem, especially for a person who lacks proficiency in this department. However, it is worth taking on the challenge and with our help, you can gain a beautiful appearance for your eyebrows. Meet the 5 brilliant tips for beautiful eyebrows – the effect will surprise you!

You will not be able to believe why you haven’t tried them earlier!

5 tricks for perfect eyebrows

1. Stop with the tweezers!

Yes, we know that eyebrows should be plucked now and then, but don’t overdo it. A long long time ago beauty standard was to have very thin eyebrows, thin as a thread. However, these times are long gone and now when you pluck your eyebrows, you shouldn’t go too far.

Remember that the most trendy thing right now is to have thick and well-groomed eyebrows. For this reason, get rid of only those hairs that are outside the brow ridge.

2. Use eyebrow serum

Are you having a hard time growing your brows? Try eyebrow serum – it is cosmetic created especially for them! Gentle eyebrows serum with brilliant action will nourish, strengthen, beautify and help you grow back your eyebrows. The best eyebrow conditioners give first results after 2-3 weeks! Thanks to it there will no longer be any gaps in your eyebrows and hairs will grow back after failed waxing as well as those ‘stubborn’ ones that for some reason don’t want to grow.

3. Comb your brows from time to time

It’s no joke, hairs on the brow ridge also grow into different directions and brows can be messy. Luckily you can easily have them under your control, equip yourself with a brush that you will use for your eyebrows. It can be an old mascara wand that you cleaned or a special wand that is created for eyebrows and that you can get at the drugstore for a small amount. Before you start your eyebrows make-up, comb them precisely starting from the inner part towards the outer part. You’ll see how much easier it’ll be to put on the make-up and ensure the proper shape from them.

4. Find the perfect shape for your eyebrows

Did you know that eyebrows must match face shape? That is why it is so important to choose the best brows geometry for your face, features, nose, and eyes. If beginnings make you struggle, you can ask make-up artists do it for the first time, later on, you will know how to define the shape with no problem.

A great trick is to find the perfect eyebrows shape on your own by setting the points where they supposed to start, curve and end. You can set those points by placing the pencil along with the nose. The pencil should go across the brow ridge, eye and nose. Start by placing the pencil like that:

  • along with the nose through inner eye corner and the beginning of the eyebrow
  • by the lobe of the nose through the iris and about 2/3 brow length
  • by the lobe outer eye corner and the end of the brow

It may seem complicated at first, but it’s not difficult and works perfectly – it allows you to set beginning, end and the curve.

5. Learn to apply make-up to your eyebrows

Not every woman has perfect, twin eyebrows. In most cases, there are gaps or eyebrows that are sparse and it does not benefit our appearance. Keep in mind that 80% of women are not satisfied with how they eyebrows look. If you are in this group – you can learn to apply your make-up correctly. Obviously, the Internet is full of trends and cosmetics but to be true you are the one who needs to find the perfect product for your eyebrows that will work best. It must be a product that will ensure easy application while leaving the best effect.

Among cosmetics, you can find shadows, wax, pencil, pomade, tint, and pens. Much the texture with what suits you and the manner of application that is most convenient to you. To finish apply some bright concealer right under the brow ridge to make your look more expressive.

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