Top trending brow styles now. Find the best for you!

Probably you are well aware of the fact that there are a few ways that allow you to apply makeup to your eyebrows. For example, you can create more or less natural-looking brows, more sharp or smooth arches. Keep reading to find out if you know top trending brow styles. Find the one that suits you most.

Stand in front of a mirror. Ask your friend, sister or mom to stand next to you. Compare your eyebrows. They don’t look the same, do they? Indeed, they can be similar but there is always something that would tell them apart: length, thickness, shade, shape of the arch… That’s completely natural!

Here comes some news: there is no one ultimate eyebrow shape that would suit us all. If you are wondering how to style eyebrows, you must realize that one universal template doesn’t exist. Everyone should do and style eyebrows in a way that corresponds with the shape of their face. But of course, you can get inspired by the prevailing brow trends.


How can you style your eyebrows? Well, there are many options to choose from. Learn the top trends for styling eyebrow – perhaps you will find here something that is worth your attention. Give those popular eyebrow styling techniques a try to find out which eyebrow look suits you best.


The simplest of all trends is natural brow which color and shape don’t differ much from what nature gave you. The shade of eyebrows should match the hair color. Their shape in turn should be just subtly accentuated. The less modifications introduced, the more natural brows you achieve. This is the best option for those who refuse to spend long hours in front of the mirror on shaping their eyebrows.


Perfectly defined and full-looking eyebrows are more popular than the above-mentioned natural brows. Main principle of bushy brows is to amplify the contour and maximally boost the thickness but still keeping in mind and preserving the natural look, which isn’t overdone. This effect can be achieved in two ways: either with makeup or thanks to exposing the brows to the right conditioning treatments. What beauty treatments improve eyebrow thickness? For example, application of eyebrow serum, natural oils or exposing the brow to lamination treatment.


All the natural-look lovers should dabble in creating this lovely boyish mess. What does it mean? In short, the color and shape of eyebrows should be somehow rebellious. Boy brow should be strong and thick, two tones darker than natural color of your hair. To achieve this look, you can make use of eyebrow pomade that will additionally intensify the color of eyebrow and keep them at bay.


Now here’s something for all glamour enthusiasts, that is perfect eyebrow makeup. Here you create brows that match the remaining elements of your makeup. Also, you have to accentuated the brow arches in such a way to make them look smooth and lustrous. In other words, eyebrows have to shine and be as fabulous as the whole outfit you wear on this day. What’s important to mention, glamour brow don’t take any excuses for some mistakes – their shape and color must be on point.


Another proposition is nothing else but fluffy and disheveled eyebrows, where every single hair can be noticed easily. How to create such an effect? Go for naturally dark, nourished and full eyebrows that you have to comb in various directions without minding the grain – for example, you can comb the brows upwards. This gives you a really natural look that you have when you for example towel dry your face after bathing. Actually, you can just leave the eyebrows like that to create fluffy brows.


It wasn’t that long ago when world went crazy about soap brows. Basically, in order to create this effect, most of all you had to tame the hair, comb it and arrange using a regular bar soap. Obviously, you could also use a regular brow setting gel and the effect should be pretty the same. Anyway, if you want to wear soap brows, you must achieve the following goals: make the brows look shiny and perfectly defined. What’s the most important though is that soap brows look as if they were constantly slightly wet.


The last trend to mention is dedicated to those who don’t like being one of the crowd. Here you have to create clear contrast between the color of your natural eyebrows and the color of cosmetic you want to apply to the arches. The biggest the contrast is, the better. Therefore, blonde women should reach for dark browns, whereas brunettes should light up their eyebrows. Still, it has to be realized that this trend doesn’t suit everyone equally well so be careful with it.

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