1 Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

Nanobrow - Best Eyebrow Serum

Nanobrow is hands down a top choice. This professional serum stimulates growth and adds fullness. It offers most possibilities and has the most intensive effect and thus is dedicated for damaged brows, eyebrow loss, breakage, sparse and patchy brows. The serum is also suitable for semi-permanent make-up after-care.

What’s the Nanobrow effect?

Provided that you use Nanobrow following the instructions, the product:

  • prevents brow loss
  • strengthens brow follicles and enhances them
  • boosts elasticity, intensifies color and shine
  • thickens brows, making them fuller
  • promotes growth of new, strong brows
  • minimizes negative effect of aging

Composition: the amazing effect flows from plant extracts combined with the highest-quality substances for hydration, repair and growth (the key ones: baicalein, arginine, panthenol, soy and wheat extracts, ginseng, glicerin). At the same time, Nanobrow is clear of parabens, synthetic colorants or aromas, and animal-derived ingredients. This list of components is worth noting for a great selection of substances and their concentrations.

Applicator: the serum has a very convenient sponge brush which makes Nanobrow application problem-free.

Consistency: it’s one of many water-based serums but it’s the only one whose ingredients’ proportions have been measured so it doesn’t run down or clump the brows. The liquid is instantly-absorbed; once you apply it, the brows are dry – the magic happens inside the skin, in the follicles.

Is Nanobrow easy to use?

Thanks to a well-shaped applicator and very nice consistency, Nanobrow doesn’t cause any problems. This easy application takes a minute or so (excluding the time necessary for thorough make-up removal which is a must). Hands down, it’s the time we can devote daily before falling asleep.

Does it work and when you spot the difference?

Nanobrow is a brow growth serum that women recommend to each other, as well as specialists swear by. Lots of beauticians like to recommend this treatment to clients who complaint about bad condition and looks of their brows. This effective serum changes them for the better within just 2-4 weeks. The time depends on the state of your brows at the beginning of the treatment but everyone can see improved brow condition after just a few days.

Nanobrow: pros & cons

  • A very good composition of ingredients.
  • Swift, effective action.
  • Improved appearance as well as condition of brows.
  • Easy application thanks to a convenient brush.
  • User-friendly, fast-absorbed formula.
  • Available only online.
  • The price might seem too high for some of you.

More information: nanobrow.us

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